Montag, 14. Dezember 2009

Around the world in 80 blogs, or: A Rose with scarcely a flower (but a lot of thorns)

 A few days ago Shannon from Everyday Stranger wrote, and I quote:

„On the same day, we will post about our lives in our parts of the prospective worlds, just a glimpse of what things are like in each little bubble that we blog from. We can connect, find something to tell others about our lives and our areas that maybe they never knew, and maybe for a day link the world up a bit. You read about my quiet little corner of Hampshire, but what about your areas? What is it like in your area, in your life? What is your day like, and what makes where you live so special to you?“

Oh yeah- My hometown. Capital of ugliness, but also of unsuspected beauty.
City of contrast. Small city, urban machine, country life nearby.
But take a look by yourself:

Suburban creativity

Urban tradition

One of the last of it's kind- a coking plant.


Too many malls, too little money.

Nature's resorts

The coking plant, main entrance, seamed with plane trees

              Plane trees along a suburban street

 Pastel colors, where grey is expected


The most dangerous place for pedestrians in the whole town: This railway bridge.

"Plaster may fall off the wall!"

Plaster will fall off the wall.

 Off this wall, too.

Mother Earth's evensong


Oh, yes, and by the way: It's Bottrop

13 Kommentare:

Anonym hat gesagt…

Call me crazy, but I think urban beauty can be beautiful.

I love your "plaster WILL fall off the wall" comment, too.

Fantastic post. Will be linking you shortly!

//Everyday Stranger

Lily hat gesagt…

I am fond of my boring little town in the middle of nowhere, and I like it's sudden beauty. But sometimes it's really, REALLY ugly.

Veronica Foale hat gesagt…

Urban is beautiful too, it's just a different type of beautiful.

The sunset at the end: gorgeous.

Paula hat gesagt…

Home is where the heart is, und Schönheit kann man überall finden. Kann ich verstehen, dass Du Deine Stadt magst. Ich mag vor allem die Leute, die aus dem Ruhrgebiet kommen, sehr gerne.

Originelle Fotos!

Kate hat gesagt…

Ich will dich nicht beunruhigen, aber da hat irgendjemand rumgehackt und alles einfach in irgendso ne komische Sprache übersetzt >;-)

Aber die Bilder sind geil!

"scholint" um mal mit der Wortbestätigung zu sprechen! ;) Die läuft echt wieder zur Höchstform auf! Das sind alles Wörter die einen Platz im Wörterbuch finden sollten find ich! Alles wieder so "scholint" hier heute :-)
(tschuldigung, ich bin albern)

Siera hat gesagt…

I'd love to visit Europe on day and see the tiny little towns which hold so much history.

Anonym hat gesagt…

My German isn't near good enough to come up with a sentence for "the plaster WILL fall off the wall", but it is beautiful the way it goes slowly. Of course, if I was there, I probably couldn't resist helping it along:)

If you're coming back to Dublin anytime soon and want any tips, feel free to comment and I'll let you know what's going on here.

Lily hat gesagt…

@Shannon: Thank you very much for your comment, but moreso for this fabulous idea.
@Veronica: You're so right :-)
@Paula: Jau, die Pöttler:D
@Kate: Schön wenn sie dir gefallen, du kennst ja die meisten Orte...
@Siera: If you ever happen to visit Europe, I'll be happy to show you some of my favorite places.
@queenofbirds: It would be "Wandverputz *wird* herabfallen", and I have to confess I had to restrain myself not to help it falling off faster.

Have a nice day,

Marcus hat gesagt…

Schöne Fotos, besonders der Sonnenuntergang gefällt mir!

Geohde hat gesagt…

I like how you've found beauty int he everyday. Also, those trees in black and white? Gorgeous.


diamond dave hat gesagt…

My wife & I dream of someday having our second honeymoon in Germany.

Simona hat gesagt…

Tolle Fotos! Mein Kompliment! Alle sind unglaublich gut!

~Easy hat gesagt…

Those pictures are great. You have a wonderful eye, and a great sense of humor ;-)

Thanks for sharing